The equipment that we use at Byron Bay Equine Dentistry is some of the most modern and professional equipment on the market.

Dr Chris uses a professional battery operated power instrument designed in France specifically for equine dentistry. It is very quiet and uses a diamond head to reduce sharp enamel points and overgrowths.   The advantages of power instrumentation over hand tools is the greater precision and efficiency achieved as well as the reduction in soft tissue damage.






Using power instruments requires a high degree of skill and requires a qualified operator due to the potential to cause damage with the instrument. Only a veterinarian who has undertaken the necessary training has the skills and understanding to safely sedate your horse and perform dentistry with power instruments.

As part of her kit, you will also see Dr Chris using:

  • hand rasps for finishing or tight spots
  • a head stand or dental halter to support the head
  • a speculum to open the mouth safely
  • a mirror and probe for the examination
  • a strong light, this is essential for a good exam and more accurate treatment
  • water picks to reduce heat and flush food from between the teeth



We also have a mobile clinic that we have recently started working in.  We come to your property now with a mobile crush for your horse to stand in whilst they are having their dental examination.  This provides a safe support for them to lean on and has an elevated head beam that we can suspend a halter from to support their head.  If you are worried that your horse may not want to go into the crush, it is no problem for Dr Chris to work with your horse standing outside it.

We also have our own water and power supply so can provide a safe work space for both horses and people anywhere on your property.


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