Equine Dentistry Services

  • Dental examination and treatment under sedation
    – sedation allows for a thorough examination of the teeth and oral cavity.   We use a light and a mirror for this exam and combined with manual palpation are able to identify issues that would otherwise be missed, for example periodontal disease and tooth fractures.  Equine dentistry is not just about sharp enamel points!
  • Pain relief and local anaesthetic is given for procedures that may be painful.  Examples of such procedures are wolf tooth extraction in young horses and periodontal pocket or diastema treatment in horses with periodontal disease.

Dental exam under sedation is $175 –  This includes;

  • the visit to your property
  • examination for sedation
  • the sedation tailored to your horse
  • a thorough dental examination
  • a performance float (this includes reduction of sharp enamel points, reduction of any overgrowths, balancing of the mouth and contouring of the first cheek teeth/conservative bit seat)
  • a digital dental chart outlining the examination findings, treatments and ongoing plan for your records.
  • a reminder will be sent when your horse is next due for a dental exam

If there are any extractions required or additional medication needed to be dispensed this would involve a seperate charge.  Any additional treatments such as this are discussed with the owner at the examination and an estimate of costs given before going ahead with them.








  • We can administer Hendra virus, Tetanus and Strangles vaccinations.
  • Please advise at time of booking if your horse will require any vaccinations to make sure that we have the correct amount in stock.
  • In the Northern Rivers Dr Chris does require that your horse is up to date with their Hendra virus vaccination.  This is for her own safety as in doing dentistry she is in contact with respiratory and nasal secretions every day.  Hendra virus can be found in these secretions several days before any symptoms of being unwell are seen in your horse.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Costs for vaccination vary and range between $45 – $120.





  • To have a Hendra virus vaccination your horse will need to have a microchip in place so that they can be entered onto the Hendra vaccination registry.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Cost of microchipping is $45.




       Faecal Egg Count

  • Having a faecal egg count (FEC) performed informs you as to whether your horse should be given a dewormer based on their shedding of strongyle eggs and therefore contamination of pasture.  This test done over a period of time allows us to determine which horses are likely to be high shedders and which are low shedders and thus change the way that we treat our horses.  In the fight to reduce worm resistance we need to start focusing on who actually needs worming, not just give everyone a dose via the calendar.  There is more information on FEC and their interpretation on our FEC info page.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Cost of FEC is $25 and currently we are offering a free FEC to any horse having a dental exam.




Bowen Therapy

Dr Chris is a trained Bowen Therapist. Your horse may be provided with a short treatment prior to or after its dental treatment if she feels that your horse may benefit from this and if you are willing.



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